Before North West Cambridge Development (NWCD) enters into an agreement to buy goods or services from a supplier, a competitive process will be undertaken.  This is likely to involve the Development requesting a supplier to submit a quotation or a tender for a contract.  Contracts are not placed in response to direct marketing.

Depending on the value and complexity of the goods or services being sourced, the Development will adopt a range of procedures:

For low value purchases, quotations will be sought, either by phone or email. 

For higher value purchases a more formal approach will be adopted, with Written Proposals or Tender Submissions being required.  This will be followed by an evaluation process (which could include interviews and demonstrations) and negotiation.  Upon completion, the successful supplier will be notified and issued with a contract.  Unsuccessful bidders will also be notified and have the option to request a debrief.

The majority of goods and services are ordered using the University's financial system and a purchase order is issued. Goods or services should not be supplied without a purchase order.