We have set high ambitions for the quality of place for the new development and will be working with our contractors to ensure that the buildings will be constructed o a high standard. 

To support this, the team will be recognising quality workmanship with regular Quality Awards to team members who show excellent practice. 


Below are our Gold and Silver winners from across the site. 

June 2016

  • Gold: Gabriel Ticuleanu, Gary Stanton and Paul Simon from Anglian Brickwork on the Community Centre and Nursery (Lot 7)
  • Silver: Andrej Perceskij and Gerry McDaid from Countrywide Edging on the site-wide infrastructure

May 2016

  • Silver winner: Turley - Rowan Turley, Willy Cummings and Martin Grant for quality of brickwork on the post-graduate sutdent accommodation (Lot 5) 

March 2016

  • Gold winner: Imtech for the quality of pre-fab risers within the University key worker homes (Lot 3) 
  • Silver winner: Precision Brickwork for quality brickwork for buildings near the local centre (Lot 1)

February 2016

  • Gold winner: FD Fitzpatrick (Sean Rogan, Micahel Clark, Adrian Fairly, Martin Fitzpatrick and Marco Connelly) for the quality of bricklaying within the post-graduate student rooms (Lot 5) 
February 2016_ Gold Quality Award Winner_FD Fitzpatrick

January 2016

  • Gold winner: FP McCann for the quality of bedroom ceilings within the post-graduate student rooms (Lot 5) 
  • Silver winner: Careys for ensuring installed services on site are labelled across the site-wide infrastructure