The North West Cambridge Development includes the largest water recycling system in the country that aims to minimise the risk of localised flooding in an area that is already prone to flooding, whilst also reusing the water to reduce potable water consumption per person across the whole development.

The key features of the water management system include:

  • A site-wide Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) across the 150-hectare development
  • The largest rainwater recycling system in the country
  • Hard and soft landscaping environment (swales, blue and brown roofs and green corridors) store and slow release the water through the development site, ameliorating flood risks
  • Rainwater is then stored in specially designed ‘green landscape’ areas and treated before it is pumped back into the homes for non-potable water uses, such as toilet flushing and irrigation.
  • The development site will be landscaped to enable the rainwater recycling system with a series of green corridors and lagoons.
  • Furthermore, large areas of land will be purposely designed as flood plains in the eventuality of the one-in-100-year storm (with an additional allowance for climate change).
  • The design and construction will control the flow of water into the brook and reduce the risk of downstream flooding in the neighbouring communities.
  • The strategy is to be as drought resistant as possible.