One of the largest underground bin systems in the UK will be in place at the North West Cambridge Development in support of the site-wide sustainability aspirations.  An estimated 450 underground bins, supplied by Portuguese-based Sotkon UK, will be located across the 150 hectare development site.

Underground bin systems are used extensively in Europe and smaller underground bin schemes exist in the UK.

The use of underground bins is an innovative waste disposal method in the UK which assists directly in reducing carbon by taking away the stop-start collection of traditional above ground wheelie bins. A traditional system on the development site might see 9000 wheelie bins being emptied on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

The use of this system has produced a solution whereby 450 underground bins will service the waste produced by the 3000 homes. 

Furthermore, the scheme will use software that will alert the collection company to ensure collections will only take place when the bins are full, vastly reducing the collection time. The development will support the newly arriving residents with information to encourage behaviour change.

In addition, around 50 underground bins will be provided for the 2,000 student accommodation rooms.

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