Cambridge is a great, world-leading university.

This is evident by our high global ranking and our academic and research performance. But because our global pre-eminence will be challenged both internationally and domestically, standing still is not an option. We must continue to adapt and develop.

Our academic staff, researchers and students remain the most precious asset that this University possesses. Throughout the 800-year history of the University, we have been able to attract the very best staff and post-graduate researchers, who in turn have ensured the enviable reputation we have today.

Recruitment and competition are however global and we need to ensure that we plan ahead to provide facilities that are vital both to attracting and retaining world class staff and researchers.


Our site at North West Cambridge will allow us to do this.

It will provide for much of the research accommodation and many of the homes for staff that the University is likely to need over the next 20 years.

In formulating our plans for North West Cambridge, the University has been working closely with the local planning authorities and engaging with a wide range of interested people both from within the University and throughout our local communities. The constructive inputs from so many different sources have greatly enhanced the University’s proposals for this vitally important site.

At North West Cambridge we are determined to create a successful, sustainable, mixed-use community as an extension of the City, with buildings and public space of high quality design. We appreciate the many contributions that have been made to help us achieve this and we look forward to continuing to work with everyone to deliver our vision.