Key worker housing, for rent, will be available to qualifying University and College staff.  Interested staff can now apply for housing through the University’s Accommodation Service.

The housing specifically for University and College Staff will be at discounted rents which is a condition of the planning consent.

Key workers are defined as Cambridge University and College Key Workers Staff employed by Cambridge University and its Colleges which the University accept as a priority for housing having regard to their level of housing need and their contribution to the functioning and success of the University and its Colleges. This could also include staff employed by other organisations whose presence in Cambridge is directly related to the presence of the University such as the Medical Research Council and other research facilities


Eligibility for key worker housing at the North West Cambridge Development has been defined in the planning permission of the site, which is regulated by the local authorities.  Housing at the North West Cambridge Development will be for employees who cannot afford open market rent.  This will be judged by an evaluation of the applicant's net household income against market rental levels at the time of application.  The applicant must also have a contract of at least 18 hours with the University or College or affiliated organisation, with at least 12 months remaining.

Whilst the development is significant in scale and provides an extension to the city centre, the University is unlikely to be able to meet all of its need for key worker housing at the North West Cambridge Development, so it will be necessary to prioritise eligible applications.  Criteria include geographic classification (with priority to those who are new to the Cambridge area), "hard to fill" posts, family circumstances and immediacy of housing need.


Within the first phase, the majority of the homes for key workers will be situated around the local centre, Eddington, in close proximity to the primary school, community centre, supermarket and shops.

Housing type

The University key worker homes in the first phase of the development will mostly be one and two bedroom apartments with a limited number of family homes.

There will be approximately 700 University key worker homes in the first phase of the development.


The University Accommodation Service is responsible for the allocation of the key worker housing on the North West Cambridge Development and further details are on the Accommodation Service website. Applications are now being accepted for accommodation and properties will be allocated on an on-going basis from Summer 2017. 

Sample home photographs

Below are photographs of a sample University home.