Building the community is important at the North West Cambridge Development. There will be a new local centre called Eddington.  Within and around the new centre there will be a range of community facilities to support the local community, many of which will be delivered in the first phase of the development.

These facilities include a Community Centre, Primary School, Supermarket and Shops around the market square, hotel, GP Surgery and sports pitches and parklands. 

Within the local centre, the market square will be a natural meeting point for the community with facilities for events and markets. There will be a Sainsbury's supermarket and shops fronting onto the market square. 

Supporting the community, there will be a Primary School and Community Centre.

Around the local centre, a GP surgery will be provided for as part of the development, which will include a practice for five GPs. Furthermore, a hotel will be situated within the local centre and provide facilities for visitors and residents of the existing and new communities.

Over a third of the development site, 50 hectares of land, will be open public spaces.  This includes formal and informal landscaping, children’s play areas, parklands, sports pitches and allotments.