As part of the development, an integrated and dynamic Public Art Strategy has been developed which has three key aspects:

  • The art programme for the North West Cambridge Development is informed by an understanding of place. Artists will respond to the physical site, its past, present and future context, and the communities that it represents.
  • Art is an integrated part of the development. The artists’ creative process is a journey reflective of the evolution of the North West Cambridge Development. Artists will draw out inventive ways to examine and illustrate this unfolding urban environment
  • Engagement is central to the delivery of the art programme. It will support the development of dynamic community experiences and produce resonant art encounters that capture the unique character of the area.



Gallery below shows a Public Art Residency Outcome of Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie in Spring 2014, 'Tomorrow, Today' when a scale model of the first phase of the development was created with community participants, following their residency with the Archaeology department. 

The Public Art programme for North West Cambridge combines a Residency programme, Commissions, Events and Education all contributing to the life and vibrancy of building a community and enhancing the character for the development.

A dedicated website that showcases and celebrates the breadth and quality of the Art and artists has been created.

The website has been designed to be a platform for artists to share their research and over time it will create a catalogue of artistic responses, helping us to nurture the special sense of place whilst capturing the elements that are unique to our local area.

The Public Art programme has already begun!

Visit for full details of our Art Programme


Gallery below shows images from the Tania Kovats' installation One Billion Objects in Space which was showcased in the Simplex Barn in Spring 2014 after her residency with the Institute of Astronomy. 

The artists-in-residence programme continues. Visit the Public Art website for the list of current and past artists who have worked on the development. 

In 2014-15 Bedwyr Williams created a film, "Century Egg" as part of his residency, which was subsequently screened as part of the British Art Show 8, touring to Leeds, Edinburgh and Southampton. View a trailer below which takes you behind the scenes of the development site and some of Cambridge University's Museums and Galleries.