A new district will be created as a result of the North West Cambridge Development and the site will be home to a community of approximately 8500 people when the scheme is fully realised.  

Our commitment to creating a sustainable place and building communities includes significant investment in the community infrastructure that will help people lead sustainable lives. 

The team have been working with the local authorities, neighbours, stakeholder groups and partners to realise the vision for the development. 

The importance of the community in this development is demonstrated in the delivery of the community facilities from the outset. The school, community centre, supermarket and parks and play areas are in the first phase of the scheme which will enable people to enjoy the facilities at the start. 

In addition to the facilities on the development site, the community investment includes further contributions to education, community facilities and supporting officers, public realm, transport and connectivity. All of this investment aims to create a long-lasting and sustainable place.

We will be seeking many different opportunities for the existing local community to get involved to build community cohesion. Read more about our work in the local community in this section.