The new local centre that is part of the North West Cambridge Development will be known as Eddington. It is named after the pre-eminent astronomer, mathematician and physicist, Sir Arthur Eddington, whose observations confirmed some key predictions of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and led to its general acceptance.  Sir Arthur Eddington was a Cambridge alumnus and resident in the local area in the early part of the twentieth century.  He also lived for a period of time in the Observatory building as part of the Institute of Astronomy near to the Development site.  

Roger Taylor, Project Director for the North West Cambridge Development explained: “Identifying place names for the development is not an easy task.  We are grateful to our local community who, through consultation, has informed our approach to naming.  Naming of areas and streets will be based on natural naming, which means that inspiration will be taken from the physical or geographical features of the landscape or people who have a strong connection with the University or the development site. Natural naming grounds the new development within its location, adding to the sense of place that we are creating.” 

Other areas on the development site that have been named include Brook Leys (the open space along the western edge of the site [1]); Ridgeway Village (the residential area north of the local centre [2]); Gravel Hill (the residential area located at the east of the site [3]); and Storey’s Field (the central area of green open space [4]). 

Over the coming 12 months, street names will be allocated to the Development site, and the University is now seeking specific names and ideas from the local community that follow the principles of natural naming.  Suggestions can be submitted by completing a short online survey on or using #cambridgestreets on twitter.