In creating the place, the University has thought carefully about the naming of the area. There are five area names across the development which are based on our natural naming strategy.

This strategy seeks inspiration from either the landscape or historical features of the site, or the associations with the University.

The local centre will be called Eddington, named after Sir Arthur Eddington, who was an alumnus of the University, lived in the Observatory building as part of the Institute of Astronomy, and is buried locally at the Ascension Burial Ground, and whose experiments confirmed key aspects of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (see 5 on map).

1. Brook Leys (located along the western edge of the site with the name reflecting the natural landscape)

2. Ridgeway Village (inspired from the natural ridgeway along the development site)

3. Gravel Hill (a name with historical and geological connections to the area)

4. Storey’s Field (with local associations) 

5. Eddington

Street names will follow the same strategy to ground the new place within the existing roots.