Phase One of the construction is divided into particular Lots. 

Each Lot will have a main contractor appointed and they will ultimately be responsible for delivery of the Lot.  Suppliers looking to supply the North West Cambridge Development should consider contacting the main contractor for each Lot.  Confirmed contractors for each Lot can be found here

There will also be instances where the main contractor for each Lot will be required to use existing University contracts.   The University advertises its own major tender opportunities via InTend (our electronic procurement site).  You may therefore find it useful to register on InTend as this will enable you to view opportunities as soon as they are published.  A link to the InTend online system is provided here:  Once registered you will be able to view both current opportunities and see future opportunities as they arise.  

In addition, the North West Cambridge Development , as part of the University of Cambridge, also has access to a number of framework agreements developed by consortia such as the Southern Universities Purchasing consortium (SUPC).  Contracts let by consortia are subject to various legislative requirements relating to procurement in public sector bodies.