Construction work on the new district is underway. Phased completions will begin from Autumn 2015 through to Spring 2018.  You can read more about our ambitious construction programme for Phase One in the following pages and follow our progress along the way. 

The first phase of the development will see the delivery of housing and community facilities.  Prioritising housing seeks to meet the housing supply shortage in Cambridge and the community facilities will establish a sense of place and community spirit when the first phase is complete in 2018. 

Phase One includes 


  • 700 homes for qualifying University and College staff
  • 325 post-graduate student rooms
  • 450 market homes


  • Public, green space and landscaping incorporating the water-recycling system
  • Roads and transport routes including junctions at Madingley Road and Huntingdon Road
  • Energy centre and district heating network



  • 3 Form Entry Primary School
  • Community Centre
  • Nursery
  • Doctors’ Surgery
  • Supermarket
  • Retail units
  • Hotel
  • Senior living home
  • Sports pitches

The proposals for the first phase of the development are focused around the centre of the site. The scale of the investment in phase one is significant and broken into parcels of delivery that we call Lots.

The plan and chart below indicates the lots and their uses in situ. 





117 key-worker units, the foodstore, energy centre, health centre and Busgate Street.


264 key-worker units, the market square, local shops, café and Busgate Street South.


232 key-worker units and the residential squares.


21 key-worker units and 49 market units, secondary street network, the Ridgeway and the Green Corridor 


325 post-graduate student bed-spaces, the Ridgeway and the Green Corridor.


Primary School


Community Centre and Nursery


73 key-worker units

S1 / S2

Approximately 155 market units and the Tertiary street network

M1 / M2

Approximately 250 market units and the Tertiary street network

  Public Realm and Parklands, Market Square and Local Centre

Detailed information for each lot has been submitted to the local planning authorites for approval and the planning references can be found in our archive with links to the authorities' website.