Through the design, planning and construction process, we have actively sought thoughts and feedback. We are committed to creating the best possible extension to our city to provide for the University's needs and to enhance and support new and existing communities. 

Your feedback has and continues to be invaluable in helping the University enrich and enhance the project to meet the diverse needs of the city and its people.

This section illustrates how we have engaged with members of the local community and our on-going consultation processes.

Working with you in partnership to create a better community

The University of Cambridge set three clear goals as it planned its proposed mixed-use development in the North West of Cambridge:

  1. to create a development that helped to provide the residential and research accommodation it would need to retain and enhance its worldwide reputation
  2. to create a development of high standards of design and sustainability
  3. to engage with its wider communities to help inform and improve the scheme as it emerges

In advance of the Outline Planning Application, the University has consulted extensively with the local community and other key stakeholders.

People have been giving their views on the University’s plans at a series of workshops, exhibitions, briefings, focus groups or through questionnaires and emails to the development website.

For Phase One, the detail of the Reserved Matters Applications have also been shared with the local community as part of both the formal and informal consultation processes which have subsequently been supported by the local planning authorities. 

Full details of all the issues raised during the consultation processes are contained in the Statement of Community Involvement in our Archive. 

The Future

The Statement of Community Involvement that was submitted for Planning gives a flavour of the wide range of issues raised by the University’s neighbours and key internal and external stakeholders. The project has been enriched and enhanced by the very constructive proposals made by the many different people who have an interest in the development and the identification of issues that are important to them.

Where possible these have been incorporated and addressed as the masterplan has evolved over the past few years. The University is very grateful for the time invested by so many people in ensuring that it creates a community of which everyone in Cambridge can be proud.

Construction is due to be phased over twenty years to meet the University’s requirements as they evolve.

The University looks forward to continuing its very constructive dialogue with all those who wish to see this new community succeed.