The North West Cambridge Development is the largest capital project in the history of the University of Cambridge, and to deliver the project, with the appropriate level of resource and experience, the University established a separate division to undertake the North West Cambridge Development. 

The project is governed by the Board for the West and North West Cambridge Estates.

The Executive team and the appointed teams of consultants, architects and contractors are responsible for delivering this new district which contributes to the University’s ambitions to remain a world-leading institution.  

An annual report is published for the West and North West Cambridge Estates and copies can be viewed below.

NWCD Annual Report 2017

07/08/2018 Type: pdf (size: 645.15 KB)

NWCD Annual Report 2016

24/08/2017 Type: pdf (size: 572.85 KB)

NWCD Annual Report 2015

24/08/2017 Type: pdf (size: 447.84 KB)

NWCD Annual Report 2014

24/08/2017 Type: pdf (size: 293.65 KB)

NWCD Annual Report 2013

24/08/2017 Type: pdf (size: 697.88 KB)